Chicoutimi - Jonquière

Hotel Chicoutimi

Hôtel Chicoutimi offers you an unforgettable experience.  The rooms are modern and created specially by a local Saguenay designer.  Hôtel Chicoutimi stands out with their implication in sustainable development.  Numerous services and packages are available for an unforgettable stay.
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460, Racine Est
Chicoutimi, Qc
G7H 1T7

Phone : 418-549-7111
Toll free : 1-800-463-7930

Hotel Le Montagnais

In an atmosphere comparable to 4 star hotels, Hôtel le Montagnais offers a wide variety of services:  restaurant, night club, wellness center, waterpark, pool, games room, exercise room…  Numerous packages are available for your convenience. 
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1080, boul. Talbot
Chicoutimi Qc
G7H 4B6

Phone : 418-543-1521
Toll free : 1-800-463-9160
Fax : 418-543-2149

Hotel Delta Saguenay

To keep up with the larger hotels, we have a new look to maintain the highest standards of quality. The new Delta Saguenay offers unrivaled comfort and unparalleled service.

2675, Boul. du Royaume
Jonquière, Qc
G7S 5B8

Phone : 418-548-3124
Toll free : 1-800-363-3124
Fax : 418-548-1638 

Hotel La Saguenéenne

For a memorable stay:
One night hotel accommodations in a comfortable room
A cruise onboard La Marjolaine departing from Sainte-Rose-du-Nord
A generous breakfast
Package valid from June 1st until October 8th

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250, rue des Saguenéens
Chicoutimi, Qc
G7H 3A4

Phone : 418-545-8326
Toll free : 1-800-461-8390
ou 1-888-BLEUETS (253-8397)
Fax : 418-545-6577

Auberge Le Parasol

Located atop the hills of Chicoutimi, Auberge du Parasol offers an exceptional view of the city and the Saguenay River.  Vast arrays of activities are offered just outside your doorstep, such as a cruise on the majestic fjord.


1287, Boul. Saguenay Est
Chicoutimi, Qc
G7H 5B5

Phone: 1-418-543-7771
Toll free : 1-866-543-7771
Fax: 1-418-693-1701

Motel Panoramique

We offer accommodations in a calm and peaceful location with a magnificent view over the Saguenay River. A variety of activities in proximity and a wide array of packages are offered.  

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1303, boul. Saguenay Ouest
Chicoutimi Qc
G7H 1A1

Phone : 418-549-7102
Toll free : 1-800-463-9164
Fax : 418-690-5057

Hotel du Fjord

In the heart of the downtown sector and close to the majestic Saguenay River, you’ll stay in one of our 34 recently renovated rooms, air-conditioned for your comfort, soundproofed for your privacy and many complemented with patio balconies.  We offer many different package options for your convenience during your stay with us.
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241, rue Morin
Chicoutimi, Qc
G7H 4X8

Phone : 418-543-1538
Toll free : 1-888-543-1538
Fax : 418-543-8253


Auberge La Tourelle Du Fjord

Réservez ce forfait

Auberge La Tourelle

À mi-chemin entre Sainte-Rose-du-Nord et Chicoutimi, Auberge La Tourelle du Fjord vous accueille avec une vue époustouflante sur le majestueux Fjord du Saguenay. Ambiance champêtre, chambres entièrement rénovées, salle de réception panoramique, bar-terrasse et restaurant avec spécialités grillades vous attendent à 100 mètres d’altitude! Réservez votre Fjord !

Auberge les deux tours

To discover the fjord’s highest cliffs and the Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay statue.  1 night accommodations, 2 tickets for a cruise departing from La Baie, L'Anse-Saint-Jean or Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, 2 breakfasts. The cruise duration is 3 hours. 


2522, Saint-Dominique
Jonquière, Québec
G7X 6J7

Phone: 418-695-2022
Toll free: 1-888-853-2022
Fax: 418-542-6489

Les Chalets St-Fulgence

In the heart of nature, near the Monts-Valins and Chicoutimi, two cottages equiped like houses, open year-round and easily accessible. Available for location (day or week). An amazing place to relax and a great base camp to explore our region.

300 rang Sainte-Marie
Saint-Fulgence Qc
G0V 1S0

Phone : 418-674-1402 / 418-590-9101

Cepal L'Auberge Nature

C'est dans le cadre execptionnel et naturel d'une rivière tumultueuse à quelques minuites du centre ville de l'arrondissement de Jonquière à Ville de Saguenay que nous vous invitons à nous découvrir. 
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3350, rue Saint Dominique
Jonquière, Qc
G7Y 1B3

Phone : 418-547-5728
Toll free : 1-800-361-5728
Fax : 418-547-4882 


La Baie - Ferland Boileau - Saint Félix d’Otis

Auberge des 21

One night, a table d’hote supper, a ticket of cruise on the Saguenay River, breakfast and tips


621, rue Mars
Ville de La Baie, Québec
G7B 4N1

Phone: 418-697-2121
Toll free: 1-800-363-7298
Fax: 418-544-3360

Auberge des Battures

1 Cruise on the Fjord, 1 Table d'hote dinner, 1 Night, 1 American breakfast


6295, boul de la Grande Baie Sud
La Baie
G7B 3P6

Phone : 418-544-8234
Toll free: 1-800-668-8234
Fax: 418-544-4351

Auberge de la Rivière Saguenay

Lighten your spirit by sharing my passion for my adopted region through “fan favorite” authentic discoveries, Nordic in nature during all seasons, and highlighting the region’s culture. 
Package details -

9122, chemin de la Batture
La Baie, Qc
G7B 3P6

Phone : 418-697-0222
Toll free : 1-866-697-0222

Camping Le Jardin de mon Père

3736, Chemin St Louis
La Baie, Qc
G7B 4M8

Phone : 418-544-6486
Toll free : 1-877-544-6486

La Maison des Épinettes

The tourism residence, La Maison des Épinettes, is located in the district of La Baie in the City of Saguenay, in the heart of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean tourism hub.   
Package details - 

www.lamaisondesepinettes.com2553, Chemin St Joseph, Arr. La Baie
Ville de Saguenay, Qc
G7H 3N9

Phone : 418-544-8040


Rivière Éternité - L'anse-Saint-Jean - Petit Saguenay

Les Chalets sur le Fjord

An accommodations complex with regional charm where the guest feels right at home, in this picturesque village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean.  Gïtes du Fjord offers an attentive staff, a stunning view of the fjord and quality accommodations.  Numerous packages are available

354, Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-3430
Toll free : 1-800-561-8060
Fax : 418-272-3480

Auberge des Cévennes

In proximity to the Saguenay Fjord and the bay in L’Anse-Saint-Jean, member of the Association des plus beaux villages du Québec (The association for the most beautiful villages in Québec), Auberge des Cévennes does not interfere with the surrounding natural beauty.  The desired location gives the inn a favorable departure point for those wanting to take a cruise on the fjord.


294, rue Saint Jean Baptiste
L’Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone: 1-418-272-3180
Toll free: 1-877-272-3180
Fax: 1-418-272-1131

L'Ouverture du Coeur

An ideal location to get away from the local bustle, offering easy access to activities and in the comfort of a country home.  Health center available on-site.  An exception quality of life offered in a serene location.    
Package details -

37, chemin St Thomas Sud
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-1296

La Maison de Vébron

Maison de Vébron is part of the resort area of Au Pied d'Édouard.  Offering the convenience of many combined activities and services such as the Édouard Les Bains health center.   Located at the base of the Mont Édouard ski resort, it’s a magnificent location for a perfect holiday. 

56, de Vébron
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-3232
Toll free : 1-877-472-3232
Fax : 418-272-1616

Camping de L'Anse

4-star camping, Camping de L'Anse invites you to the heart of the fjord.  Situated at the precise location where the Saint-Jean River ends its course and empties into the Saguenay Fjord.  The campsite is nestled in the heart of the village and close to local activities.
- Package details -

325, rue Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-2554
Fax : 418-544-3078

Au Gîte du Barrage

Égide and Élisabeth welcome you in an enchanting décor, close to the St Jean Baptiste River and the Parc national du Fjord du Saguenay.  Come sample the chef’s home-made bread and cretons. 
Package details -

3, rue Côté
L'Anse Saint Jean, QC
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-3387
Fax : 418-272-1388

La Fjordelaise

A Mansard style centennial home built in 1902 as the first hotel in L’Anse-Saint-Jean to accommodate the marine generated clientele.  Enjoy the charm of La Fjordelaise, its comfort, ambiance and excellent cuisine.  
Package details -

370, Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-2560
Toll free : 1-800-372-2560

Gîte du Capitaine

In a centennial home, built by a captain, the inn is located in front of the Parc national du Fjord du Saguenay in the heart of the village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean. The hospitality, the people and their interactions are among the property owner’s, Marielle and Daniel. 

274, rue Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-4444

Gîte chez Yola

A charming and welcoming inn offering a spectacular view over the Saguenay Fjord.  Located in the heart of L’Anse-Saint-Jean.  

342b, Rue Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-2457

Gîte L'Aigle d'Or

At the Gîte L'Aigle d'Or, you will discover the magnificence of the mountains, tranquility and a variety of activities for during your stay. We look forward to welcoming you !

65, chemain Périgny
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-608-8092

Auberge de Jeunesse au Bout du Monde

Situated in an enchanting site, Auberge du Bout du Monde offers a small cottage to travelers who wish to visit L’Anse-Saint-Jean, Parc national du Fjord du Saguenay and the many attractions the village has to offer.

40, chemin des Plateaux
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-9979

Restaurant L'Islet

Restaurant de L'Islet is located in front of the L’Anse-Saint-Jean marina, offering breakfast, lunch or supper facing the majestic Saguenay Fjord.  Restaurant de L'Islet uses many Anjeannois products in their cuisine such as deer, maple syrup, field berries and trout smoked on-site.  

354, rue Saint Jean Baptiste
L'Anse Saint Jean, Qc
G0V 1J0

Phone : 418-272-9944
Toll free : 1-866-972-9944 

Villages Vacances Petit Saguenay - VIVA

IImagine yourself watching the whales from the beach and discovering an exceptional natural phenomenon:  the Saguenay Fjord.  Add to this, a team of entertainers that offer activities for the entire family, a panoramic view and welcoming staff:  presenting the Village-Vacances Petit-Saguenay winning formula !


99, Chemin St Étienne
Petit-Saguenay, Qc
G0V 1N0 

Phone: 1-418-272-3193
Toll free: 1-877-420-3193
Fax: 1-418-272-1234

Auberge Les Deux Pignons

Auberge des Deux Pignons is an old country hotel that has passed the test of time.  Its historic charm and rustic style makes this magnificent location, a popular destination where friendliness and family atmosphere are in the spotlight.  Located alongside a mountain and close to outdoor recreation areas, it’s a welcoming place to rest after a full day’s activities.  

117, Route 170
Petit Saguenay, Qc
G0V 1N0

Phone : 418-272-3091
Toll free : 1-877-272-3091
Fax : 418-272-1676

Gîte du Soleil Couchant

A charming house, personalized and decorated warm decor awaits you in the heart of the Saguenay ... Monique will be happy to welcome you !

26, rue Tremblay
Petit Saguenay, Qc
G0V 1N0

Phone : 418-272-3148
Fax : 418-272-1086

Site Rivière Petit Saguenay

Situated on a salmon river, the site offers several charming accommodation choices (camping, cabins and yurts). Discover nature at its best in a historic and enchanting location.

100, rue Eugène-Morin
Petit-Saguenay, Qc
G0V 1N0

Phone : 418-272-1169
Toll free: 1-877-272-1169

Auberge du Jardin

Located on a beautifully landscaped park of 4 hectares on the mountainside, the Auberge du Jardin offers a unique environment, a true haven of peace and relaxation. 12 comfortable rooms with personalized decor. Many packages are available.

71, Boul. Dumas
Petit Saguenay, Qc
G0V 1N0

Phone : 418-272-3444
Toll free : 1-888-272-3444
Fax : 418-272-3174



La Pourvoirie du Cap au Leste

Come discover the Saguenay Fjord, our regional jewel!  Start your adventures with Croisières du Fjord and then contemplate this majestic river from La Pourvoirie du Cap au Leste, perched 200 meters above the water.  This package includes the cruise, accommodations, the evening meal of regional flavors and breakfast. 


551, chemin du Cap au l’Est,
Sainte Rose du Nord, Qc
G0V 1T0

Phone: 1-418-675-2000
Toll free: 1-866-675-2007
Fax: 1-418-675-1232



Hotel Tadoussac

A perfect fusion of history, nature and hospitality.  A legendary resort establishment, Hotel Tadoussac sits proudly at the entrance to the Saguenay Fjord and in one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

165, Rue Bord de l'eau
Tadoussac, Qc
G0T 2A0

Phone : 418-235-4421
Toll free : 1-800-561-0718
Fax : 418-235-4607