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By chartering a boat, your activity will be totally different and out of the ordinary.

Hot and cold buffet, musical entertainement of any kind, guided tours on the fjord, special decorations...anything is possible!

Available from May to October


Our boats

La Marjolaine :

La Marjolaine IILa Marjolaine is a confortable 330 passenger boat offering 2 covered decks (fully insulated and heated) and a beautifull sun deck. On the lower deck, a bar is available, serving drinks at a reasonable price.

The Fjord Saguenay II :

Le Fjord Saguenay IIThe product of new tendences and technology, the Fjord Saguenay II can accommodate up to 121 passengers.  Made entirely of aluminum, it is ecological, comfortable, exciting and absolutely safe. Its roof, in the shape of a fly's eye, gives you a 360 panoramic vision. With its easy-opening windows, you have a direct outlook on the fjord for great sensations. A bar is also available, serving drinks at reasonable price.




The Cap Liberté :

Le Cap LibertéOf the same type as the Fjord Saguenay II, the Cap Liberté presents all the same features. It can accommodate 72 passengers and is equally safe and comfortable.


On each boat, the staff is warm, polite and highly competent, making sure your activity is a success.


Departure points

Les lieux de départ